A well structured user interface helps you to find quickly and easily what you search for. Find the detailed programme information of the event and access all the interactive function on the fully customizable platform of EVENDOR.


No more struggling with question cards or passing the microphone. Ask speakers and panelists directly, or pop a general question about the event. Communication has never been so easy before. All questions are instantly forwarded by EVENDOR to the moderator of the event.


Opportunity for voting? Mark your answer and let EVENDOR process it. Results are summarized instantly by the system and appeare on the event screen right away.


Enjoying the event? Do you have any comments, ideas, troubles or questions? Feel free to fill the surveys and evaluation forms. Your feedback is very important for the hosts and event organizers.


Explore various activities and all interesting aspects of the event and share your opinion by rating them.


Every important event file available in one place: look up presentations, brochures, speaker biographies and other documents. Download and share them if you wish so.


Take notes whenever you like during the event, and e-mail them to yourself or others. You can edit them anytime you wish, and find them easily on your smart device.


Discover the city in your freetime, find weather forecast, ideas for places to visit and further useful information such as important phone numbers, addresses, local etiquette…etc.
Venue info: EVENDOR guides you through the whole event by providing accurate venue descriptions and floorplans. Hence you will easily find every room and hall you are searching for.


Interact with attendees and speakers, share your thoughts, and exchange contact information by simply pressing a button. View detailed personal information, such as profile photo, company, job title and bio. Enjoy this amazing opportunity to make new connections.


Challanging event space? There is no more bad seats, as from now on, you only have to look at your smart device and follow the presentation playing right through your hands. Watch the slides real-time, just the way it is projected on the screen.


EVENDOR is a flexible platform that can be adapted to your own device. With the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) option, you can enjoy the comfort of using EVENDOR before and after the event as well.*

*Please note that not all functions are accessible by using BYOD version (i.e. presentation following). The user experience might also alter from using EVENDOR iPads, since there are various platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry) and legacy devices to be taken into consideration during the development. Event venue also needs sufficient Internet and WiFi infrastructure to accomodate the needs of the system.