Experience, details, passion. These are the fundamental elements that our business is based on. With more than 80 events in 28 countries, EVENDOR provides high level services with a unique approach. We think holistically and we see in 360°. We see problems as challenges, and we always strive to find new solutions by utilizing our common resources, regarding intellectual capital and the latest technological developments. We never think in patterns. We consider every event as a unique act, a premiere, where we stand together in the spotlight. Therefore we believe, that your success is our success, which inspires us to turn your live events to a present-day, lively performance, driven by the interaction of participants and presenters, under the auspices of infotainment.

EVENDOR’s prime mover is a smart device that functions as the most reliable assistant, your most accomplished expert and closest friend from the very beginning of planning your event. Our software is just as a chameleon, instantly adapting to your needs by it’s versatility and customizability. Always keeping your corporate and brand values in mind, we help you to rocket your event to the highest level.


Experience is the very first foundation stone. Our professional team has met clients worldwide, having the opportunity to cooperate in small meetings and in large-scale international conferences, congresses and corporate events as well. With thousands of satisfied users we are proud to claim that EVENDOR is the most flexible company that through an implicit partnership and clear communication creates a communicative and interactive event space. We help you to form a team of your participants, enhancing efficiency of your event. In partnership with Special Effects and rentIT, we are ready to offer you a complex event service, including AV rental, event production and IT services. Hence everything is in one hand, you will only have to sit back and enjoy the sunny side of hosting your event.


Details are the key of our success. Just like the breathtaking walls of Basilica di Sant’Apollinare Nuovo, the vibrant colors of Parc Güell, 'The Great Pavement' in Wesminster Abbey, or the NYC subway system, we consider your event as an artwork, formed of tiny mosaics. Each piece of the whole image counts and each of them has the same importance. Participants, organizers, venues, colors, textures, impressions, timing and communication are only a few of those essential factors that make your event unique and complete. Honoring us by chosing EVENDOR, we are all aglow to become a powerful part of your plan, helping to create a harmonious, flawless and bright picture from all those little mosaics.


Passion is the ultimate drive that just as a perpetual-motion machine, constantly moves us towards new directions, meeting unmet needs, finding unique and personalized solutions. Our team members are not only experts in their fields, but also do their job for fun. Together we function as a synergistic blend of individuals, with unbroken enthusiasm and continuous desire to reach higher.